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Winnetka Story

"Winnetka Story" is a feature length documentary about the history of Winnetka and the North Shore. The film is divided into three parts, each covering a different era in Winnetka's history. Each scene is a self-contained story that can be viewed separately. The DVD also includes nearly two hours of Special Features and rare footage.

Winnetka native, John Newcombe, is an award-winning filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles. His documentary, Rancho La Canada, was given the prestigious LA County Commendation Award. The success of Rancho La Canada was the inspiration for "Winnetka Story". John is also an accomplished cartoonist. His nationally syndicated comic strip Zack Hill can found in over 100 newspapers and online at Comics.com. 

Also by John Newcombe


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Special Features
  • Daily Life in the 1920s
  • Sledding Sheridan Road
  • 4th of July on Village Green
  • Winter in Winnetka
  • Maple Street Beach
  • Winter Sports
  • The Fire Department
  • Skokie Playfield Sports
  • The North Shore Line Part I
  • The North Shore Line Part II
  • The Police Department
  • Paving the Roads
  • Water & Power
  • New Home Construction 1929
  • Memorial Day 1934
  • Memorial Day 1939

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Total Running Time: 3 hrs, 50 min.
Movie: 2 hrs, 20 min.
Bonus Scenes: 20 minutes
Special Features: 70 min.


Winnetka Story DVD - http://www.winnetkastory.com

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